AC Watermakers - Generator or Inverter Powered

The ECHOTec AML/S series seawater desalination system is a well proven cruising equipment for sailing and motor yachts with single phase generators of 1.3 KW or larger. Designed by and for cruisers, these rugged yacht watermakers have been continually improved since their first introduction in 1997.
The design has proven its extreme reliability and longevity in more than 40 million combined real world operating hours.

Innovative system features like pH neutralizing post treatment, high-pressure pump noise reduction, O-ring sealed high-pressure connectors throughout the system, field attachable high-pressure hose fittings for easy owners’ installation, together with low purchase/maintenance cost and cruiser friendly, world renowned after sales service make ECHOTec watermakers the sensible choice for boaters anywhere on the planet.

Select your system configuration:
Modular - to fit into the smallest possible space available and for easy access to the system components.
Compact - self-contained in a sleek, lightweight aluminum frame for time saving installation and added system features.

AC direct drive shock.jpg

Modular Configuration (Standard supplied pump relays box, sea strainer and mineral dispenser not shown)

Sargasso 30%.jpg

Self-Contained Configuration (shown with optional equipment)

Sargasso Compact - Advanced desalination technology

Because only track records count, ECHOTec Sargasso Compact desalination systems are built without any finicky electronics.

Despite many optional system features such as real time salinity monitor, hour meter and automatic fresh water flush timer, all functions are controlled by rugged mechanical components and low voltage electrical circuitry – more reliable and repairable anywhere you go.

Sargasso Compact is the most versatile watermaker available nowadays! Frame, pre-filters and pressure vessels can be separately mounted 
view drawings. Simply select output, frame configuration, optional features and choice of color scheme for your application and we build Sargasso Compact to your exact technical and esthetical requirements.

Free Duplex Package

with any AML, DML and BML Series Yacht Watermaker

DUPLEX (2205 / S31803 / 1.4462) is more costly and more difficult to form and machine but achieves almost twice the corrosion resistance of 316 stainless steel.


DUPLEX has been successfully used for all high pressure fittings and pressure regulators of ECHOTec commercial desalination systems as an option for yacht watermakers.

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The Duplex package comes with a lifetime warranty. (If for any reason a DUPLEX regulator or fitting ever fails, we replace it. Period)

DUPLEX 444.jpg

 Key Features

  • Three years warranty on all parts/components except consumables

  • Lifetime warranty on Stainless steel high pressure pump head and R.O. pressure vessel  

  • Spring loaded automatic pressure regulator for constant working pressure

  • Specially engineered, soft vibration dampers on all high pressure pump / motor units

  • Extremely silent operation – no charge/discharge noise

  • No energy recovery pumps  -  No electronic circuits

  • High rejection R.O. membranes with a three-year pro-rated warranty

  • Modular concept for space saving installation – All modules fully assembled and matched in appearance

  • Stainless steel high pressure fittings are O-ring sealed – no leaking/cracking compression fittings

  • Field attachable high pressure hose fittings for clean installations at any hose lengths

  • Post treatment pH buffer / hardener element saves up to 50% product water.   

  • No proprietary equipment  -  Consumables may be obtained anywhere (except pH buffer element)

  • Immediate delivery from stock

  • 7 days a week top notch support and after sales care!       Read all... Why choose an ECHOTec Watermaker?

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Selection of Vessels
equipped with
ECHO Tec. Watermakers


DC Watermaker Installation 260-DML-1
(courtesy: Riley and Elayna, SY "La Vagabonde")

AC Watermaker Installation – AML and PRO Series
(ECHOTec. Promotional Video)

"Since 3 years we have an ECHOTec installed like most cruisers we know. After more than 25.000 liters produced, we as well as all our friends have no problems with your desalination system. Therefore, we have decided to use an ECHOTec watermaker again on our new project: the first circumnavigation on an electro-powered catamaran without sails and any fossil fuel."
Michael Köhler, MV "Solarwave"         

Solarwave www.jpg

"The reason for choosing an ECHO Tec. water maker is the well thought-out simplicity of the system, the rugged components that are used and the availability on site of knowledgeable technicians, along with a competitive price."
John Van Logchem, SY "Queen of Hearts"


"Having recently passed Captain Cook's "Thirsty Sound" inside Australia's Great Barrier Reef it seemed a good time to send a note thanking you for my excellent water maker.  Given the choice I shall never sail without one.  There are surprisingly many boats with your equipment on board and without exception we are all very happy with our water-makers and the excellent and prompt back-up you have given us."
John Kirkus, SY "Bluesipp"                 
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