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Pro Series Desalination Systems

Semi-Automatic Fresh Water Flush - Contact Us For Pricing.

The semi-automatic fresh water flush is activated at the touch of a button at a factory set and user adjustable flush duration. This feature eliminates manual timing and forgetting to close the fresh water flush valve after the manual flush cycle.

Product Diverter / TDS Monitor - Contact Us For Pricing.

The automatic product diverter / TDS monitor constantly displays the product salinity on the LCD screen. On start-up, once the product water meets the factory set and user adjustable quality level, the product is diverted to the freshwater storage tank.

The failsafe (never allows unsafe product to enter tank) diverter valve has a manual override option (allows manual sampling and tank filling).


Seawater Supply Pump - Contact Us For Pricing.


(drip proof - recommended for Systems

PRO-900 - PRO-1800)

The optional centrifugal seawater supply pump is needed where onboard pressurized seawater (20-50 psi) is not available. The powerful magnetic drive, seal-less and corrosion resistant pump is installed below the water line. 

It provides up to 30 PSI feed pressure for cost efficient operation of the standard supplied 5 and 20 micron cartridge pre-filtration system. Available for all power options. 
For complete redundancy, systems 2600 and 3600 require 2 pumps.  


Boost pump - Contact Us For Pricing.


(drip proof - recommended for Systems PRO-500 - PRO-780)

If the high pressure pump is installed less than 2 feet below the waterline, the installation of an optional boost pump is recommended.

3/4" intake hose barb, 5.8" outlet hose barb, 4 feet / 1.2 meter 3/4" wire reinforced intake hose, 10 feet / 3 meter 5/8" braided feed hose.

Maintenance Kit - Contact Us For Pricing.

10 Pre-filters, 5 and/or 20 micron (2 ½” x 10”)
  1 Spare sea strainer screen
 2 Active carbon filters (fresh water flush)
 1 Ltr. High-pressure pump oil

Extended Maintenance Kit - Contact Us For Pricing.

  2 DC motor brushes
 1 Acid cleaning compound
 1 Alkaline cleaning compound
 2 Storage compounds (Biocide)
 1 Complete spare seal and O ring kit (except high pressure pump)


5 / 20 micron pre-filter cartridge

5 / 20 micron pre-filter cartridge 10 pcs.

Active carbon cartridge

pH neutralizer / mineral cartridge

Sea strainer screen

Membrane element 2½" x 21"

Membrane element 2½" x 40"

Biocide / Storage compound

Alkaline cleaner

Acid cleaner

DC motor brushes (pair)

Timing Belt

High Pressure Pump valve kit

High Pressure pump seal kit (Water and Oil)

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