Standard System Features - Sargasso Compact

Self Contained or Semi Modular Seawater and Brackish Water Desalination Systems

Sargasso Compact desalination systems are shipped ex works, ready to connect and function.
A complete installation kit and comprehensive owners’ manual is supplied with every system. No other components are needed to produce freshwater from the sea.  Optional features are available to meet personal preferences such as semi- or fully automated operation.

The standard self contained desalination  system is equipped with the following features, instrumentation and controls for the operation of the unit:


Pressure Control: 


Flow Meter:



Product Diversion:

Hour Meter:

High Pressure Pump:



Sea Strainer:

pH Neutralizer:


Reverse Osmosis Membrane: 

External Hose Connections

Seawater Inlet:

Brine Discharge:

Product Water:

RO pressure, (316SS glycerin filled, Monel tube)

Automatic pressure regulator, manually adjusted

Product quantity

Digital handheld product water quality monitor - ppm TDS

24 Volt low voltage control circuitry

Low supply voltage shut-off

Heavy duty magnetic relays for each pump

Overload protection for high pressure pump motor

Fuse for optional booster pump

Manual three way valve

Operating hours for preventative maintenance

Triplex ceramic plunger, low noise manifold, vibration damper

Clear viewable, 5 and 20 micron pleated Polyester, reusable

Clear inline strainer with Monel mesh and mounting bracket

Clear viewable mineral cartridge dispenser

5059 marine aluminum, epoxy primed, polyurethane coated

High rejection, Polyamide thin-film composite elements

3/4" hose barb (with optional boost pump 5/8”)

1/2" hose barb

1/2" hose barb