Why choose an ECHOTec Watermaker?

While many manufacturers are satisfied by simply assembling standard off-the-shelf parts, ECHOTec engineers and builds more proprietary components than most watermaker companies in order to achieve ultimate reliability, performance and cost efficient operation. What makes ECHOTec the practical choice for cruisers as well as commercial users is that all innovative system components are built to allow the use of widely available off-the-shelf consumables and spares.

The following is a list of system components especially designed or carefully selected to eliminate common problems associated with the operation and maintenance of on-board desalination systems.


  • Stainless steel spring-loaded automatic pressure regulator with single O-ring seal for superior reliability, constant working pressure and easy simple maintenance, commonly used needle valves with packing.



  • 24 V low voltage automatic breakers on the control panel actuate waterproof enclosed heavy-duty double pole relays for each pump in the system.



  • ECHOTec pleated polyester filter cartridges have an effective filtration surface of 6 sq. ft. per 2½” x 9¾" element. They can filter 3 times more seawater than cartridges commonly supplied by other manufacturers and 10 times more water than string wound filter cartridges, offered with do-it-yourself type watermakers.



  • ECHOTec is the only yacht watermaker, equipped with a unique pH buffer element. This cartridge contains a mixture of minerals that correct pH only enough to reach a neutral equilibrium in order to protect metal fresh water tanks, heaters and fittings. As the water is slightly re-mineralized, this will improve the taste and also makes soap rinse off easily, resulting in up to 50% lower fresh water consumption.



  • ECHOTec boost pumps are magnetic driven, have ceramic shafts, require no seals and have no metal parts in contact with seawater vs. commonly used bronze, brass or stainless pumps with easily corroding stainless shafts that often cause the mechanical shaft seals to fail.


  • Modular concept for space saving installation or super compact and self contained for fast and simple installations.


  • High-pressure hoses with O-ring sealed stainless steel field attachable fittings.



  • Field attachable high pressure fittings for clean do-it-yourself installations vs. standard supplied hose lengths with crimped fittings.


  • Custom build leak free O-ring sealed high pressure fittings vs. standard compression fittings.



  • Custom build (one piece) large radius 90 degree high pressure fittings connect directly to hoses and components for low flow restriction and ultimate corrosion resistance vs. multiple NPT adaptors with 90 degree standard elbows.



  • Custom-engineered pressure vessels guarantied for life, built with glass fiber reinforced epoxy and stainless steel end plug components. No stainless bolts or retaining rings seize or crack in contact with supporting aluminum parts, commonly found on standard pressure vessels.



  • Custom O-ring sealed high pressure ports with threaded backing plates on all pressure vessels. No cracking of plastic endplugs due to over tightened or overloaded NPT high pressure fittings.



  • Premium efficiency high pressure pump motors are epoxy primed and polyurethane top coated vs. single component painted standard motors.



  • All ECHOTec high pressure pump / motor units are anti-vibration mounted with specially engineered soft vibration dampers. This feature dramatically reduces noise transfer into the hull.

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