DIY Watermakers for Boats - 12V DC, 24V DC from 17 GPH to 28 GPH

Build your modular watermaker to your preferences.

ECHOTec Economy Watermakers come with everything you need to install onboard and produce freshwater from the sea. If the high-pressure pump will be installed less than 40cm below the waterline, an optional seawater feed pump will be required. Customize to your preferences with the options and upgrades in the below table.


The workhorse DML Yacht Series is entered for specification and cost comparison and as a benchmark for ultimate performance and reliability.


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System Economy 17 Pressure vessel with standard gauges and regulator

System Economy 17 showed with optional control panel



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Optional Equipment and Upgrades

High-Pressure Pump Head

Corrosion resistant Stainless steel AISI 316 head, ceramic pistons, and stainless valves versus Nickel plated head, ceramic pistons, and stainless valves.


High-Pressure Pump (Low Noise Pump Upgrade)

Extremely silent operation. Quietest pump on the market. Only available in combination with the AISI 316 stainless steel pump head upgrade.


High-Pressure Hoses

Upgrade from2 pcs 5’ / 1.5m fixed length hoses (can be ordered to your length requirement) with AISI 316 compression fittings to 15’ / 4.5m high pressure hose with field attachable AISI 316 O-ring sealed fittings.


Fittings and Regulator

DUPLEX 1.4462 (similar to 2205) is more costly and more difficult to form and machine but achieves almost twice the corrosion resistance of AISI 316 stainless steel.

DUPLEX has been successfully used for all high-pressure fittings and pressure regulators of ECHOTec commercial desalination systems for the past 10 years. The Duplex package includes a lifetime warranty and comes now with all DML Series watermakers. It is available as an option for the Economy Series.

Pump Motor Epoxy Sealed

Completely sealed and Epoxy plus Polyurethane coated wash-down motor versus standard motor.


Anti-Vibration Pump Mount

Anti-vibration motor/pump unit mount with specially engineered soft vibration dampers. This feature dramatically reduces noise transfer into the hull.


Membrane Vessel Assembly

DUPLEX 1.4462 versus AISI 316 vessel components come with a lifelong warranty on the complete membrane vessel.


Filter Brackets 3pcs.

Extremely rigid brackets from AISI 316 versus painted standard brackets from aluminum.


Remote Control Panel

AISI 316 stainless steel control panel for remote operation (completely assembled).


1500 PSI Gauge

All AISI 316 stainless steel with Monel bourdon tube versus plated Brass connection with AISI 304 dial and AISI 316 bourdon tube.


Braided Hose / AISI 316 hose clamps

Upgrade: 40’ braided hose with 29 pcs AISI 316 hose clamps

Standard: 15” Polypropylene tubing


Feed Pump, Centrifugal / Feed Pump, Diaphragm

While the magnetic drive, seal-less centrifugal pump is more costly, it does not wear as much as diaphragm pumps. Especially for DC systems, a centrifugal pump is recommended as it provides constant feed flow without building unnecessary pressure, resulting in unnecessary power consumption.


A diaphragm pump is a positive displacement pump which will be feeding another positive displacement pump. Cheaper but not a good combination.


Manual Product Diverter Valve

Switch from dumping the first high salinity product to filling the tank with potable product water.

Complete with AISI 316 mounting bracket.


Cleaning/Storage 3-Way Valve

Allows infusion of cleaning and storage solutions with the flick of a valve.

Complete with AISI 316 mounting bracket.


Hardener / pH neutralizer

Kit with mineral element and 2 pcs 3/8” compression fittings, stainless steel bracket with screws

Filter Condition Gauge AISI 316L / AISI 303

The low-pressure gauge indicates when the pre-filters have to be changed or the through-hull becomes clogged (barnacles etc.).


Low pressure gauge (AISI 316 dial / Monel bourdon tube) -30 +60PSI, ¼” NPT threads direct into the 20-micron filter housing, AISI 316 filter bracket with cutout for gauge.


Low pressure gauge (AISI 304 housing / AISI 316 bourdon tube) -30 +60PSI, ¼” NPT threads direct into the 20-micron filter housing.

TDS Meter, Real Time

Fixed installed, indicates the product quality in real time.

Freshwater Flush Kit

The fresh water flush kit enables to store the watermaker for up to 10 days without the use of chemicals (biocide). The fresh water flush storage can be repeated every 10 days.


Flash Kit (Valve) contains: 1 Filter housing, 1 active carbon cartridge, Bracket (AISI 316), 8 screws, 1 shut off valve, 2 hose barb connectors, 1 Nylon nipple, 1 Nylon tee, 10 ft. braided hose, 5 hose clamps (AISI 316).


Flush Kit (Basic) contains: 1 Filter housing, Non-return valve, 1 active carbon cartridge, Aluminum bracket, 2 tube connectors.


Flush Timer

Battery operated timer to time limit manual flush or automatically repeat flush at operator’s selected interval and duration.



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