Desalination Systems with Energy Recovery

The ECHOTec ECO-Series provides the most advanced and cost efficient RO solution of this output range. With their field proven,
ultra reliable, rotary piston energy recovery pump, the ECO system produces 2400 gallons / 9060 Liters potable freshwater per day
from brackish or seawater at incredibly low cost.


Ultimate energy efficiency for off-the-grid seawater desalination

The ECO-Series has been especially designed for self installation and operation by
people without engineering background. This desalination system comes with a comprehensive installation manual and dedicated support directly from the manufacturer.

All systems are also available as a turnkey ready solution, from the layout to commissioning of your desalination system.

Ideally suited for use with high cost power supply and for off-grid hotels, farms, waterfront homes, small communities or disaster areas where supplying energy and clean water can be logistically complex and expensive.

The newly engineered open frame design provides a tidy appearance while allowing
for easy transport and access to the systems components for maintenance.
For freshwater capacities of 4800 GPD or 18,140 Liters/day or more, the installation
of multiple redundant operative 2400-ECO-3 modules is the preferred choice.

More economical than a single large system, it provides back up, eases transport and installation. During times of low water demand, only the module needed is operated.


Specifications, System Features and Prices:

Reverse Osmosis performance varies with the feed water temperature and salinity. The rated performance is tested at 26ºC / 80ºF water temperature and a salinity of 33000 ppm TDS.

* upgradeable systems
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